We build software that empowers market participants with the ability to navigate market volatility by quantifying the uncertainty of future price movement.

Our Approach

We employed a blank slate approach and a three-year commitment to quantifying and accurately forecasting market volatility, which has led us to develop new data transformation techniques and a suite of proprietary data mining algorithms.

Analytics Offering

Directional Price Forecasts
Predict an asset's price direction one period ahead.
Market Risk Forecasts
Know ahead of time what to do if an asset's price moves against the initial forecast.

Value Proposition

Real-Time Analytics
Our technology can be used to analyse high to low frequency time series data.
Multi-Dimensional Forecasting
A one-day prediction fails to inform what could happen in the next few hours; hence we provide forecasts for all time intervals.
No Reliance on Historical Events
We continue to perform in times of market stress where other solutions tend to fail.